Standards Of Beauty

Fashion trends come, and soon after enough, fashion trends go. They may seem to last forever or they may just last a few days, then some do not necessarily make a big enough impact while some may turn tables and change views. One constant through all these fashion trends would be the fact that they gather an audience, no matter how insignificant a certain trend may seem to one person, another individual may follow and change accordingly. Each person has their own choices and opinions on each matter, and these things come into play when they make a selective decision about a fashion trend. Trends are meant to allow anyone following it to feel beautiful, confident and unique.

Colors and Contouring

Make-up has been around since the start of time, from the days of the great Cleopatra, the more recent times of Marylyn Monroe and now the years of Blake Lively. Through each time period, a different art of how make-up can be done is introduced. For instance, there was the time of the cat eyes and the red lips, which actually made a recent comeback as well. In such ways, trends do not necessarily die out. They all pop up over the years, some recognize the trends from before while the much younger generation had not been around long enough to understand the reputation of a trend. Nonetheless, whether the trend has been unique or just a repetition, if the followers look terrific and feel immensely confident in themselves, that would be what really matters.

Changes for a lifetime

While some trends and tricks to beautify oneself may be as temporary as makeup, some methods are not so easily washed off. Such methods would include cosmetic surgery options, from plastic surgery to visits to a dentist Ballarat. All sorts of surgeries are carried out, as an example: breast implants and reductions have become quite common in the late years. If one is not satisfied with their natural chest, they could now consider surgery to either enhance or even reduce sizes, till they feel comfortable and confident with themselves.

There was a time when someone lost a tooth to an accident, they just let nature take its course and for the remaining teeth to reposition and close the now new gap. Though with recent years, well developed dental implants have become widely known to replace lost teeth and allow one’s dental structure to go back to their original glory.

To each their own

Some individuals do not support these techniques, neither permanent nor temporary. They seemingly fail to understand that each person has a say and right to change their body as they prefer to support how they feel. If making simple or large changes, allows the person enduring this transition feel comfortable, then the person should be praised and comforted for finding a way to help themselves rather than simply giving up on their appearance.